Reimagining the Cheongsam

In the 1920s, the cheongsam was popularised in Shanghai. For the Chinese, it was the ultimate paradox—sensual yet conservative.


Today, this contradiction serves it well. The cheongsam (also known as the Qipao) has become that quintessential dress to grace that special occasion.


More than that, it has become a symbolic artefact in the wardrobe of today’s modern woman; representing both the feminine and empowered individual.


At iShanghai, we want to capture this independent spirit which is at once flamboyant yet quietly reserved; always pondering, deep in thought or love.

Luxurious & Exquisite Materials

At iShanghai, we go to great lengths choosing the perfect material for each design. We strive for that delicate balance between intricacy and comfort. We adore exquisite details but also think about durability, quality and wearability. At the end of the road, we want you to wear that gorgeous cheongsam confidently and comfortably.


Impeccable Craftsmanship

Well-versed in traditional craftsmanship, our Shanghainese master tailors and seamstresses meticulously cut and sew each iShanghai cheongsam. Savour each cheongsam like a consummate masterpiece—to be admired and enjoyed for a long time.


Free Alteration Service
This is our idea of prêt-à-porter meets bespoke for cheongsam. For every cheongsam you buy from iShanghai, you get complimentary alteration service. Our in-house seamstress (with more than 20 years of experience) will alter each cheongsam to fit your figure. Think sensuous curves and perfect fit in one very pretty dress.


iShanghai is also exclusively available at all OG department stores.

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